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I could bore you with the typical jargon of how perfect I am. The fact is, I am not perfect, yet I am a perfectionist.

I love everything pin up, especially Bettie Page. Anything Vintage will catch my attention. I am witty, smart and sarcastic!

I obsess over things constantly, from my fingernails to an actor's name I cannot remember ... I will not stop the process of figuring out a problem, until its done.

I have an uncanny ability to find the nearest Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks if I have to settle...(with NO GPS!!)

I am Italian, so naturally I have a love for cooking and find garlic to be the most divine creation to enhance food.


Like the Alpha men that I dominate, control, comfort and seduce, I love to seize and conquer, the thrill of any hunt always brings out my prowess. My life is a story about living through hills and valleys, my dark moments have redefined the Goddess in Me. The moments of uncertainty that we all experience, growing from that space and time allows me to understand you better.


Being an outcast, and never understood, I have learn to relish the stigma and stereotype. Learning to never search from approval of those who will never understand my way of life, quietly became the fortitude that I needed to create the new Me.


I have been rich and poor.  I am a survivor. I am strong. If you find yourself in a place of uncertainty, despair and or confusion, because of so much life experience, I am sure that I can relate and assist you.


Growing up as a child I was fortunate enough to have seen life from a different point of view from most.  As a child, I played on private jets and yachts.  Vacations all over the world were the norm.  However, as life changes, and situations change -- people change.  I found myself more drawn to "real people" as opposed to those who constantly lie to themselves everyday about who they truly are.


In the corporate world ( in which I never fit into) I learned the power of control.  In the underground society, I learned the power of a different kind of control and power, fear and the absolute turn on it gave me to experience it on all levels.  


I am a huge Comic Fan!

My persona is well fitted to the Female Supervillian.


Most suited to: Pretty Persuaions, Poison Ivy, Dark Angel, Queen Bee, Nocturna, Hypnota

Black Widow-Interrogation Specialist


My favorite man is one is appreciative and attentive to the small things.  My client base is typically filled withe Gents from the top tier of society, most of whom by default are expectant of special treatment and concierge.  (chuckles) What better form of tribute and willingness to submit, than reversing the role and catering to the One who will unlock the raging anti-vanilla you.  


My style of play is not one of a screaming banter.  I am highly intuitive and receptive.  For years I have proved the ultimate confidential confidant of those with everything to lose.  The power of what I can do, and create for you is only bound by the imagination.  Your only concern should be placing your life in My hands.


The real Me

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