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The art of Hypnosis

The infamous question - "Is Hypnosis Real?"


Hypnosis is a real psychological subject. It's not magic, it's psychology. Hypnosis does not work on everyone. The power of hypnosis lies in the subject being hypnotized. If you "fight" it, it won't work. However, for those who are suggestive and get easily attached to books/movies/games, are those who are most likely to be hypnotized. You can make the person do things like forget their name, sense the smell of bananas, or in some highly suggestive people, not "see" a certain color. However, you won't be able to make them do something they feel is morally wrong.


A study in 2011 found these results. ( click to view the link )


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Is it real?

Are all sessions the same?

There are several different methods that I use at any given time to feel deeply relaxed and just let your mind drift and wander. Once in a relaxed state the one or more of the following methods can be applied.


Response Modifications


Examples of response modification suggesions include causing one to become aroused upon hearing a certain word (s) or inhibiting erections unless given permission.


Behavior Modifications


These types of sessions typically add, remove or change personal preferences including fetishes and even sexual orientation.


Examples of behavior modification suggestions include causing a listener to prefer a certain type of clothing or to create an obsession with a certain acts, scents, sensations.




These are among the most intense of sessions and also require the most dedication. These sessions can cause the listener to percive themselves, their environment and others as different than how it actually is. Common examples of hallucination suggestions include causing the listener to believe he or she is of the opposite gender, and or the attraction to the same sex.




Trigger files implant what is known as a post-hypnotic trigger, the purpose of which is to cause a certain response to some external stimuli. Popular examples of trigger suggestions include falling into trance upon hearing a certain voice, performing a certain action when told to do so or having a spontaneous orgasm upon hearing a certain word.

What does it feel like?

The sensations you will experience vary from person to person. A progressive hypnosis session produces varying sensations in your body. Also you will experience unique levels of empowerment and relaxation. Whenever you drift into hypnosis, it will be different.


Here are some of the standard responses:


+ You may feel heavy and warm

+ Deep relaxation

+ An increased awareness of your heartbeat

+ Tingeling sensations in your hands and feet

+ Your senses may become more sensitive

+ An increased awareness of your breathing


Whether you are new to hypnosis or have already learned the basics, contact me for a possible arrival to new sensations.







While you go deeper into hypnosis you may notice that your mind wanders and time distortion frequently occurs. You may not experience all these sensations, but it is likely that you will experience a few of them and you are likely to notice different sensations each time you listen to the same self hypnosis MP3.



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